Toxic Mold,  Black Mold,  Killer Mold,  Fatal Fungus



     It seems like every week we hear of mold in the news with sensational headlines like the ones above.  We hear horror stories of lost houses, huge insurance claims, and the detrimental health effects of mold.  The fact is, that molds have been with us for thousands of years and we are all exposed to mold in a daily basis.  The stories you read the papers and see on TV are more the exception rather than the norm.  However, for exposure to mold there is one rule of thumb that all the Experts and Doom Sayers alike agree upon.  "Mold in the outdoors is ok, and mold growing in an indoor environment is bad." 

     Most of us will encounter indoor mold at some point in our lives and usually those encounters will be isolated to a small area that can be easily remedied if caught in the early stages.  The best way to do that, is to be informed, and to be on the lookout.  Moisture intrusion is the catalyst that spurs the growth of all molds.  A home inspection by a Professional Home Inspector can be the best prevention of moisture intrusion.  During the  course of a home inspection the inspector will actively look for clues and indicators that signify possible moisture intrusion into the home.   As buyers, sellers, and homeowners, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to protect our health, our homes, and our investments.     


    Each year more than 40% of the homes in the United States are damaged by water.  Often times that water goes unnoticed until more serious and visible damage has occurred to the homes components as a result of moisture.  There has never been a case in which a mold damaged home or mold associated illness form exposure to indoor mold has not started with unnoticed moisture intrusion.


The bottom line is:


Stop Moisture Intrusion and Prevent Mold Growth!




Sometimes moisture damage comes from indoor sources and from seemingly harmless activities like cleaning the floors.

The homeowner in this case had no idea that a problem was lurking under their carpet until the home inspector noticed the unevenness of the floor boards under the carpet and investigated further.




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