What is CREIA?  California Real Estate Inspection Association

     The California Real Estate Inspection Association, (CREIA), was established in 1976 in California as a non-profit voluntary professional association. CREIA has grown to over 1000 members and candidates today. CREIA’s Standards of Practice and professional Code of Ethics provides the consumer with the assurance of quality and professionalism. Members of CREIA are either owners or employees of professional building inspection companies.  Today CREIA has members throughout the state and is recognized in California as the leading authority in the building inspection industry. 

CREIA has established a high Standards of Practice for the inspection profession that is used throughout the state to ensure the buyer who retains a CREIA member of a complete and detailed inspection and report.  All members must abide by these standards and code of ethics.  CREIA requires it's members and candidates to complete 30 hours of continuing education annually  insuring that it's members committed to the profession in learning the latest technology.  CREIA offers its members and candidates continuing education in the latest building technology, training, and materials to ensure the most professional inspection for the consumer.  CREIA acts as a public information service to real estate buyers and provides technical support and training to realty agents, state agencies and other related professions.  Many CREIA members have engineering, architectural, or technical backgrounds. Most members have had experience in various construction fields and are or have been building contractors.


                                                    Mission Statement 

CREIA's Mission is to: 

  • Represent the Real Estate Inspection Industry; 
  • Recognize and promote Real Estate Inspection as a unique, professional discipline; 
  • Provide leadership through education and by maintaining ethical and technical standards; 
  • Enhance consumer protection and promote public awareness of the association. 





     The American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI®) is the oldest and leading non-profit professional association for independent home inspectors. Only inspectors who have passed ASHI's comprehensive trade specific testing, completed 250 fee paid inspections and have committed to 20 units of annual continued are eligible to call themselves ASHI inspector members.  ASHI's professional Code of Ethics prohibits Members from engaging in conflict of interest activities, which might compromise their objectivity. This is the consumer's assurance that the inspector will not, for example, use the inspection to solicit or refer repair work. ASHI also serves as a public interest group by providing accurate and helpful consumer information to homebuyers on home purchasing and home maintenance.  Since its formation in 1976, ASHI's "Standards of Practice" have served as the home inspector's performance guideline.  They are universally recognized and accepted by professional and government authorities alike. Copies of the Standards are available free from ASHI.   



What is FREA?  The Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers


    The Foundations of Real Estate Appraisers (FREA) is a membership organization for real estate appraisers and home inspectors. Membership in FREA includes a variety of valuable benefits including opportunities for continued education, updates on industry trends and technology. Insurance and professional support.